Viverrids et al. in GURPS

This page lists a number of small, generalized carnivores more closely related to cats than to dogs. At one time, they were all considered one family, the viverrids, but have since been split up into four.

In addition, the stenoplesictidae are an extinct group of carnivorans usually described as "civet like." They are poorly documented in the accessible litterature, but GMs running games set in the Oligocene or Miocene should feel free to use the templates for existing viverrids, euplerids, prinonodontids, and herpestids, and just file off the serial numbers and given them a new paint job to have them represent stenoplesictids.

Like most carnivorans, this group of viverrid-like animals have a keen sense of smell which they use for identification, social interaction, territory marking, warning of predators, and location and tracking of prey. Their hearing is also excellent, allowing them to pinpoint sounds. Vision is less well developed, and is better at detecting motion than making out fine details. Nocturnal species can generally see well in low light conditions. The sense of touch is most acute around the lips, nose, and face. This is enhanced by their vibrissae, or whiskers, which allow them to feel their way around in total darkness.

Game Statistics

choose a species:
Species Male Female (optional)
enter weight (kg)
Captive? T?HR?
Viverrids (Civets and genets)

Palm Civet

African Civet


African Linsang

Viverra Civet

Small Indian Civet

Prinonodontids (Asiatic linsangs)
Asiatic Linsang

Euplerids (Fossas and malagasy mongooses)

Giant Fossa (extinct)



Ring-Tailed Mongoose

Narrow-Striped Mongoose

Broad-Striped Mongoose

Herpestids (Mongooses)
Herpestes Mongoose

Bdeogale Mongoose


Yellow Mongoose

Slender Mongoose

Dwarf Mongoose

White-Tailed Mongoose

Marsh Mongoose

Banded Mongoose


The radio button entries in the table above give typical sizes of the species of the selected sex. If you want a larger or smaller specimen, enter the weight in kg manually.

The Captive checkbox is for animals that have been kept in captivity all their lives, without the ability to hone their reflexes, muscles, and skills like their wild relatives. It would be appropriate for zoo animals.

Marking the T? checkbox will give you the stats in template form with all costs listed, otherwise you get a stat sheet as for a character.

Marking the HR? checkbox will print the information using all my house rules. Otherwise, the stats will be as compatable with plain vanilla GURPS as possible (although several custom advantages and disadvantages will be present, see my Traits page).

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