Asiatic Linsangs in GURPS

Prionodon sp.

The two species of Asiatic linsangs, the spotted Prionodon pardicolor and bandedPrionodon linsang linsangs, are small, lithe carnivorans with short legs, elongated bodies and long tails. Although very similar in gross body structure and appearance to the African linsang, the Asiatic linsangs are more closely related to cats than to the viverrids. These animals are solitary nocturnal arboreal carnivores that prey on rodents, birds, lizards, and arthropods. The spotted linsang is found in souther China and areas adjacent to the southern Chinese border, the banded linsang is from the Malay Peninsula, Borneo, Sumatra, and outlying islands. They inhabit jungles.

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