Giraffids in GURPS

Giraffids are a group of ruminating artiodactyls. They tend to have long limbs, they bear skin-covered horns on their heads, and they have long prehensile tongues. They are browsing herbivores, striping leaves and buds from branches with their tongues. Their tongues are also used to clean their eyes and ears.

Giraffids have the typical mammalian set of senses: an excellent and discriminatory sense of smell, acute hearing that can not only detect but locate the source of sounds, and eyesight which is better adapted to detect motion and see in low light conditions than to make out details. Their sense of touch is mostly concentrated around their lips and tongue, so they use their mouth where we would use our hands.

Giraffids fight each other by whipping their heads around like a club and slamming their horns into their opponent. They fight off predators by kicking; but the prefer to run away if possible.

Game Statistics

choose a species:
Species Male Female (optional)
enter weight (kg)
Captive? T?HR?


Sivatherium (extinct)

Shansitherium (extinct)

Samotherium (extinct)

Palaeotragus primaevus (extinct)

Palaeotragus germaini (extinct)

Mitilanotherium (extinct)

Honanotherium (extinct)

Helladotherium (extinct)

Giraffokeryx (extinct)

Bramatherium (extinct)

Bohlinia (extinct)

Prolibytherium (extinct)

Climacoceras (extinct)

The radio button entries in the table above give typical sizes of the giraffid species of the selected sex. If you want a larger or smaller specimen, enter the weight in kg manually.

The Captive checkbox is for animals that have been kept in captivity all their lives, without the ability to hone their skills like their wild relatives. It would be appropriate for a zoo animal.

Marking the T? checkbox will give you the stats in template form with all costs listed, otherwise you get a stat sheet as for a character.

Marking the HR? checkbox will print the information using all my house rules. Otherwise, the stats will be as compatable with plain vanilla GURPS as possible (although several custom advantages and disadvantages will be present, see my Traits page).

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