Old World Monkeys in GURPS

The old world monkeys are found in most habitats in Africa and tropical Asia.

Old world monkeys usually have tails which are used for balance, and walk on their hands and feet. Most monkeys are nearly at home in the trees as on the ground, and can rapidly move through and between trees by climbing and leaping. Their hands and feet are adapted for grasping - this is what they use for climbing, but they also use their hands to acquire food or to carry objects with them. To represent these locomotor abilities in game terms, they have the advantage "Brachiator" (a misnomer because they do not actually brachiate) so that they need not make rolls for jumping between branches and vines and do so with speed and agility, Clinging(requires hand-holds) so that they need not make climbing rolls for moving along rough, grippable surfaces and can so so with speed and agility, Terrain Adaptation (uneven) for jumping and clambering over jumbled surfaces without penalty, and Perfect Balance for running along branches without making rolls to see if they fall off.

Old world monkeys have senses similar to that of humans, relying on acute detail-oriented vision to select food such as ripe fruit or young leaves from a cluttered background. Their sense of touch is most developed around their hands, and they use their hands to explore their world.

Among the old world monkeys, the males tend to be larger than the females and grow large fangs. They use these fangs for fighting. Monkeys will also slap, grab, or pull with their hands but this is often more for teasing than serious fighting.

These monkeys almost always live in groups, but the nature of the group can change drastically between species. The social life of the various species are listed in ther description on the table below. There are some general trends that can be discussed here, however

Monkeys forced to live alone become despondant, and may exhibit psychotic behaviors such as rocking and hugging itself.

Monkeys have the basic needs and drives of humans - they want to be loved, want status, seek comfort and the admiration of their friends. However, they have none of a human's inhibitions. They act on their impulses - they may fly into a rage at little or no provocation, react badly if slighted or if they do not get what they want, and delight in teasing those whom will not or can not retailate.

Game Statistics

choose a species:
Species Male Female (optional)
enter weight (kg)
Captive? T?HR?

White Eyed Mangabey

Crested Mangabey

Rhesus Macaque

Japanese Macaque

Barbary Macaque

Lion-tail Macaque

Pig-tail Macaque

Crab-eating Macaque

Stump-tailed Macaque

Bonnet Macaque

Assam Macaque

Tibetan Macaque

Vervet Monkey

Patas Monkey

Blue Guenon


Gray Langur



Black and White Colobus

Red Colobus

Olive Colobus

The radio button entries in the table above give typical sizes of the monkey species of the selected sex. If you want a larger or smaller specimen, enter the weight in kg manually.

The Captive checkbox is for animals that have been kept in captivity all their lives, without the ability to hone their reflexes, muscles, and skills like thier wild relatives. It would be appropriate for pets and zoo animals.

Marking the T? checkbox will give you the stats in template form with all costs listed, otherwise you get a stat sheet as for a character.

Marking the HR? checkbox will print the information using all my house rules. Otherwise, the stats will be as compatable with plain vanilla GURPS as possible (although several custom advantages and disadvantages will be present, see my Traits page).

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