Pacific Monitors in GURPS

Varanus caerulivirens, Varanus cerambonensis, Varanus doreanus, Varanus finschi, Varanus indicus, Varanus jobiensis, Varanus juxtindicus, Varanus melinus, Varanus spinulosis, Varanus yuwonoi, and others

Pacific monitors are inhabitants of the jungles of Southeast Asia, Australia, and many of the Pacific islands. These are large lizards, typically green with yellow speckles. Adept swimmers and tolerant of salt water, they are often found far from land. They scale the roots and boles of trees in their forest homes with ease. In a typical monitor fashion, Pacific monitors eat nearly anything that they can find and stuff into their mouths.

What we call Pacific monitors are actually a complex of closely related species. Their aquatic habits allowed them to colonize many tropical islands, where they evolved into a variety of similar looking forms. A practiced eye can tell them apart, whether because this species is larger and has a blue tail or because that species is a bit smaller and boasts a peach colored throat.

Most Pacific monitors reach Medium to Large size as adults, a rare few will become Huge.

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