Lace Goannas in GURPS

Varanus varius

The lace goanna is one of Australia's three large goannas. Common along Australia's south and east, the lace goanna is an adept climber which is often found scaling the towering eucalyptus trees of its homeland. It is a powerful but somewhat slender goanna, variably patterned in black and white or black and yellow. Common variations are spots, bands, reticulations, or large irregular splotches, but all have a characteristic white band across a black snout.

As a tree dweller, lace goannas commonly eat possums, cockatoos, bird's eggs, pythons, and all variety of other tree dwelling creatures. Since lace goannas forage on the ground and in the water as readily as the trees, however, they also add wallabies, brush turkeys, fish, and crabs to their diet. The introduction of the European rabbit to Australia, so detrimental to much of the Island Continent's other wildlife, only provided a new and plentiful source of food to the lace goannas.

Lace goannas are quite tolerant of humans. They live near major cities and will often approach people in parks, looking for a handout. When they raid hen houses for both chickens and their eggs, however, the lace goanna's human neighbors often become upset and try to do away with this pest. Lace goannas also feature on the menu of Australia's aboriginal inhabitants, so in areas where they are persecuted, these goannas become wiley and wary.

Most lace goannas are Medium or Large size, uncommon individuals will get Huge.

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