Kraits in GURPS

Bungarus sp.

Kraits are boldly banded snakes found in grassland, scrub, and jungle of India and southeast Asia. They are primarily active at night. If disturbed, they are often reluctant to bite, balling up and hiding their heads inside their coils. Nonetheless, kraits are among the most dangerous snakes in India and south-east Asia in terms of total human fatalities. Kraits primarily eat snakes, but will occasionally take mice or lizards.

There are many species of krait. The most well known are given in the table below. The default krait on the main table is the common krait.
Species Typical venom Size Range Habitat Notes
Potency Typical Maximum
Common krait, B. caeruleus medium 100 g 500 g India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka Fields, grasslands, scrub, jungle, villages. Prefers near water.Black with white bands around body.
Banded krait, B. fasciatus feeble 1 kg 1.5 kg Throughout India and southeast AsiaForests, plains, croplands, villages; typically near waterBold yellow and black bands encircle body.
Chinese krait, B. multicinctus extreme 200 g 700 g China, Taiwan Forest, shrubland, mangroves, fields. Black with white bands around body.

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