Death Adders in GURPS

Acanthophis sp.

The death adders are a genus of atypical elapids, being short, stocky, and slow moving with broad triangular heads. They are ambush predators, lying in wait for prey to happen by. Often, they will partially cover themselves in debris for additional camouflage. When they detect potential prey, they will try to lure it within striking distance by twitching their tail so that it looks like a grub or worm. After biting, the death adder waits for its prey to succumb before slowly tracking it to recover its meal.

Death adders can be particularly dangerous because they do not typically flee from people. Instead, they stay still, trusting to their camouflage to hide them and keep them out of trouble. Consequently, they are often trod on, whereupon the frightened snake will strike out in pain and desparation, sinking its fangs into its unwitting foe and delivering a full dose of venom.

Death adders live throughout most of Australia. They are found in deserts, forests, and grasslands.

Death adders give birth to live young.

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