Brown Snakes in GURPS

Pseudonaja sp.

Brown snakes are a genus of Australian elpaids. They are fast moving and diurnal. If threatened, they hold their heads up high, with the neck curved in an S-shape. Well known brown snakes are shown on the table below. The eastern brown snake is the default entry on the main table.

Species Typical venom Size Range Habitat Notes
Potency Type Typical Maximum
Eastern brown snake, P. textilis extreme neuro 8
hemo 10
algesic 4
500 g 1 kg East Australia - Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, coast of South Australia and Northern Territories. Dry eucalypt forests, wet forests, woodlands, heaths, savannas, grasslands, and scrublands. Drab brown, olive brown, golden brown or slate-gray colored. Lighter yellow-brown belly. Notorious for having the second most toxic venom of the land snakes (after the Taipan). Fortunately, they do not have a lot of venom to inject, but they are still extremely dangerous.
Dugite, P. affinis weak neuro 5
hemo 10
algesic 10
500 g 1 kg South-west coast of Australia. Bushland with sandy soils. Brown or tan, sometimes with with black speckles.
Gwardar, P. nuchalis mild neuro 5
hemo 10
algesic 8
200 g 500 g Australia except for Victoria and New South Wales. Eucalypt forests, woodlands, grasslands, arid regions. Non-descript mottled brown or orange-brown. Sometimes has a black head.

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