Asian Elephants in GURPS

Elephas maximus

Asian elephants are found in the forests and jungles of India, southeast Asia, Sri Lanka, Sumatra, and Borneo. They are hump-backed with medium-size ears, and only the bulls have tusks. Asian elephants are generalist browsers and grazers. They have a looser social structure than the African elephants.

Asian elephants are the only proboscidian to be domesticated. If captured when young, they will bond with their handler and learn the commands needed for their job. In this way, elephants are used for carrying heavy loads, lifting heavy objects, as transportation, as platforms for hunting, or as war mounts.

Asian elephants or creatures very like them have been around since the start of the Pliocene. There are a number of extinct species in the genus Elephas, which were probably similar enough to the Asian elephant to be treated the same in game terms except for changes in size. Note that like the Asian elephant, these cows of these fossil relatives would have been about 60% the mass of the bulls. Since mass estimates from fossil remains generally do not come with the sex of the animal, GMs can assign the masses given to either sex and extrapolate the mass of the other sex from them. Even within a species, mass can vary considerably between populations - those living on islands often have reduced size.

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