tarsiers in GURPS

Tarsius sp., Cephalopachus bancanus

Tarsers are small nocturnal primates native to southeast Asian jungles and forests. They are the only fully carnivorous primate, eating mostly insects but also the occasional gecko, frog, bird, bat, or other small vertebrate. They catch flying insects by jumping and snatching them out of the air. Tarsiers have powerful hind legs, long tails, compact bodies, round heads, largeears, and enormous eyes. Their eyes are fixed in their skulls, so to look someplace else the tarsier has to turn its head. They have adapted so they can turn their heads completely backwards if needed. These animals cling to vertical vines, bamboo shoots, or branches, and move by jumping from perch to perch.

Tarsiers hunt alone. Many are monogamous.

Tarsiers do poorly in captivity. They are extremely nervous and stress easily. In addition, if startled they may leap in panic and smash their head against the side of their cage, killing them.

There are many different species of tarsier, all similar enough in game terms to fall under one blanket description.

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