Slow Lorises in GURPS

Nycticebus sp.

Slow lorises are nocturnal Asian primates that live in forests and jungles. They have a round head, narrow snout, large eyes, a long flexible torso, and just a stub of a tail. They move slowly and deliberately, reaching out with their arms and long torso to grip branches. Slow lorises forage alone. They may sleep alone or in groups. They eat arthropods, small vertebrates, eggs, fruit, gum, and nectar.

Slow lorises produce a noxious secretion from a gland on their arm that is known to cause an adverse reaction in humans and appears to repell many of their predators. They lick this gland to give them a poisonous bite, which is said to be exceptionally painful. Deaths which have occured are thought to be from an alergic reaction causing anaphylactic shock - on a critical failure of the resistance check make another HT check. If this fails, in 2d minutes the character will begin to have an alergic reaction, suffering itchiness, rashes, swelling and puffiness, dry throat and eyes, and difficulty breathing for a number of days equal to the amount by which the HT check was failed, which can be treated in game terms as Moderate Pain. If the second HT check is also a critical failure, the character goes into anaphylactic shock in 2d minutes after the bite - treat as Choking (pg. B428). Choking can be stopped by a dose of Epinepherin, which may be carried by people with severe alergies but is otherwise mostly available at hospitals.

There are several species of slow loris, all of which are similar in game terms except that typical mass varies from about 1/4 kg (pygmy slow loris, Vietnam and Laos) up to about 2 kg (Bengal slow loris, Bangladesh and Bhutan to Thailand and Malaysia).

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