Ruffed Lemurs in GURPS

Varecia sp.

Ruffed lemurs are tree dwelling primates from the island of Madagascar. They eat mostly fruit, with some nectar and foliage.

Ruffed lemurs live in groups ranging from pairs up to several dozen. The females are dominant over males. They keep in touch with booming choruses of roar-shrieks. Unlike most primates, the females give birth to litters of several cubs.

There are two species of ruffed lemur. The black and white ruffed lemur has a black face, shoulders, underside, front thighs, hands, feet, and tail and white back, forearms, shins, calves, back thighs, ears, and a fluffy white ruff around the face. Red ruffed lemurs look similar, except their white is replaced by red except for a white patch on the nape of the neck. Both species have yellow eyes.

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