Ring Tailed Lemurs in GURPS

Lemur catta

Ring tailed lemurs are forest dwelling primates from madagascar. They are one of the most terrestrial extant lemurs, although capable climbers, they spend about 1/3 of their time on the ground. They are opportunistic omnivores, with fruit and tamarind leaves making up the bulk of their diet, which is rounded out with arthropods and small vertebrates.

Ring tails are gray with white undersides. Their faces are white with black eye-rings and muzzles. Most strikingly, their very long tail is banded black and white.

Ring tailed lemur society is matrilineal and matriarchal. The sexes have separate dominance hierarchies, female rank is mostly but not always based on inheritance, male rank is based on age with established males in their prime having the highest rank. Ring tails communicate by scent marking, body postures (especially using their tail as a flag), and a wide array of vocalizations such as purrs (contentment), clicks (predator mobbing or "here I am" signals), yaps (predator mobbing), "whit" (distress), and moans and wails (for group cohesion). Males may settle disputes by "stink fighting" - scent marking their tails and waving them at each other.

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