Brown Lemurs in GURPS

Eulemur sp.

Brown lemurs are forest and jungle living primates from Madagascar. They are almost entirely arboreal. These lemurs eat fruit, leaves, flowers, and arthropods. Thier activity patern is neither diurnal nor nocturnal, but is classified as cathemeral - the lemurs are active sporadically throught the day and night. Unlike other lemurs, female brown lemurs are not automatically dominant over males.

There are many species of brown lemur, ranging from a typical mass of 1.8 to 2.5 kg. They are all various shades of brown on the body (sometimes with black or gray on the back, or reddish fur on the underside), and faces variously marked with black, white, or red patches, ruffs, muzzle marks, or eye rings. Males tend to be brighter and showier than females.

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