Eared Seals in GURPS

Eared seals have small external ears and are covered in fur. They have the ability to turn their hind flippers forward so they can scoot around on all fours. Eared seals primarily swim by using their front flippers as wings, essentially flying through the water. They are agile and graceful underwater, although somewhat clumsy on land. These seals are known to hold their breath for up to 10 minutes and can dive to about 200 meters. They are not usually found far from land, and forage in rich upwelling zones near their nurseries.

In the breeding season, they gather in rookeries. The males carve out territories which they announce with loud barking calls and defend with fangs and body blows from other males. When the females come ashore the males gather them into their harems with the females choosing their males. Females initially stay withtheir newborn pups for a week or two until hunger forces them back out to sea. Females may leave their pups on shore for several days while they forage for fish, then return to nurse and fatten up her offspring. Outside of the breeding season, eared seals may stay at sea for weeks at a time.

There are two main groups of eared seals - fur seals and sea lions. As you might guess, fur seals are somewhat hairier than sea lions.

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