Gulo gulo

The wolverine is a large mustelid, a scavenger found in remote areas of North America and Europe. It ranges widely searching for food, moving with a bounding lope for hours on end. It is a good climber and a capable swimmer. Wolverines eat eggs, small animals, berries, and carrion. In the winter, they kill and eat large animals that get bogged down in deep snow, for the wolverine's large feet allow it to move over the top of snow without sinking. When a wolverine makes a kill, or finds a larche cache of food (such as carrion or a trapper's winter stockpile) it will spray it with musk to keep away competition. They are known to intimidate bears and cougars from their kills.

Wolverines can be a nuisance. They will follow traplines, eating anything caught in the traps. They can break into cabins to find food, ruining what they do not eat with their musk. Wolverines quickly disappear from areas inhabited by humans, and are now only found in the far north of Canada, Alaska, Sierbia, Scandanavia, and the remote areas of the American West.

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