Mysticeti in GURPS

The mysticeti are also known as baleen whales. They lack teeth, and instead have sheets of comb-like structures known as baleen in their mouths. This allows the whales to take great gulps of water into their mouths, then push with their tongue to squirt the water out through the baleen so that small animals living in the water get trapped against the baleen combs. The whales then eat the trapped animals.

Baleen whales are enormous. They are the world's largest living animals. Among their numbers, they include the largest animals to have ever lived. Their lunge feeding can engulf entire schools of fish in one gulp.

Game Statistics

choose a species:
Species Male Female (optional)
enter weight (kg)
Bowhead Whale

Right Whale

Blue Whale

Fin Whale

Sei Whale

Minke Whale

Gray Whale

Humpback Whale

The radio button entries in the table above give typical sizes of the whale species of the selected sex. If you want a larger or smaller specimen, enter the weight in kg manually.

Marking the T? checkbox will give you the stats in template form with all costs listed, otherwise you get a stat sheet as for a character.

Marking the HR? checkbox will print the information using all my house rules. Otherwise, the stats will be as compatable with plain vanilla GURPS as possible (although several custom advantages and disadvantages will be present, see my Traits page).

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