Dromeosaurs in GURPS

Dromeosaurs, or "raptors," were advanced predatory dinosaurs, with many birdlike features. They were covered in advanced feathers, with a long S-shaped neck, a horizontal posture and a bipedal gait. Unlike modern birds, their mouths were filled with serrated, blade-like teeth.

Raptors had long, grasping forelimbs tipped with meat-hook claws and stiff aerodynamic feathers that could act in many ways as wings. Although they could not actually fly, the short, blunt wings could be used to assist with balance and maneuverability and could be used for wing assisted incline running to climb trees, cliffs, and slopes. In game terms, they have Perfect Balance as long as they are able to use both wings and tail. Thier hands could hook and (using both together in a clapping motion) clasp, but not grip. Their wrists articulated like those of birds, allowing them to fold their wrists back along their arm bones but not to turn their hands so their palms faced downward without raising their arms up level with their shoulders.

Raptors had powerful legs for leaping and running. Their feet were adapted for a strong grip, with long talons that impaled as the foot gripped. The primary talon, on the inner toe of each foot, was carried free of the ground to keep it sharp but could be rotated down in a "switchblade" fashion for impaling prey.

Dromeosaur tails were flexible at the base but stiffened like a riding crop for most of their length to be used as a counterballance and to aid with agility. Like the arms, the tail was equipped with long, stiff feathers so that it could use aerodynamic as well as inertial forces to assist with agility.

Modern research indicates that, when hunting, the dromeosaurids likely crept close to their quarry, then pounced with a great leap or rapid dash. They would land on their victims and hold on with their foot talons, repeatedly gripping to further impale their prey. The arms would not be used to grip, but rather would flap to provide balance to keep the raptor atop its victim. While holding on and using its weight to pin its prey, it would tear at its prey with its teeth, eating it alive.

There is some evidence that at least some dromeosaurs hunted in small packs, like modern lions or wolves. They likely had good vision, perhaps as good as modern birds. Mother dromeosaurs probably layed eggs in a nest and then brooded the eggs with their body heat. They probably looked after their young for some time after hatching.

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