Saw Sharks in GURPS

Saw sharks are flattened sharks with a long "blade" projecting from their nose. The blade is shaped roughly like a chainsaw blade, and like a chainsaw, has numerous teeth projecting from the sides. Slashes of the saw blade are used to slice up prey items for dinner. Saw sharks resemble long, skinny sawfish, but can be distinguished by the barbels, or "feelers" projecting from the saw blade like whiskers. The underside of the saw blade is coated with the shark's electroreceptive organs, sweeping the saw blade back and forth like a metal detector allows it to pick up the faint bioelectric signals of prey buried in the sediment.

Game Statistics

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Saw shark

The radio button entries in the table above give realistic sizes of the species of that row. If you want a specimen outside that range, enter the weight in kg manually.

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