Tiger Sharks in GURPS

Galeocerdo cuvier

Tiger sharks are the largest of the carcharhinids, hunting close to shore at night and moving into deeper waters during the day. They have a very broad diet, and are known to eat a variety of miscelaneous junk (tires, bottles of wine or beer, bags of potatoes, coal, drums, overcoats, chicken coops, unexploded munitions ... ). As might be expected of a shark found in shallow waters with such an undiscriminating pallate, tiger sharks are among the most dangerous of all sharks to humans, and are responsible for more recorded human attacks and fatalities than any other species except the great white.

Tiger sharks are solitary. They live nomadic lifestyles, often traveling 70 or more kilometers in a day. They usually move slowly unless food is nearby, at which time they circle before coming in for the kill.

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